Your Cans of Dog Food Could Explode, Just So You Know

Cans of dog food have been known to explode at random times, according to the blog OK Whatever. “I heard a loud bang and thought it was a bomb going off,” said one woman, who experienced an explosion in the pet aisle of a store. “After I screamed, I opened my eyes to discover a big tin of Winalot dog meat had exploded and had quite literally coated me in the stuff. It was awful.” In fact, these explosions don’t seem to surprise dog food companies and retailers when told about them. “They didn’t seem that shocked,” said one person about their contact with a dog food company. Some dog food companies and retailers will offer refunds, discounts and other tactics to calm people who have acrid-smelling dog food all over them or their walls. Some reasons that cans explode include botulism or transportation problems that cause cans to be accidentally pierced. Avoid cans with bulges or other visible disfigurations. Freezing and unfreezing the cans can also do it; if you leave dog food in the car during the winter, for instance, the pressure inside the can can build due to freezing. A sudden release of that pressure could cause an explosion.