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Woman Rescued From House Fire – Sauk Centre

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On February 19, 2023, at 01:08 am the Sauk Centre police, fire and ambulance were dispatched to a house fire on the 700 block of 5th street south in the city of Sauk Centre. Officers got to the scene in under 2 minutes of being dispatched and saw heavy smoke coming from the doors and windows of the house.
Officers were met outside by an adult male and Juvenile who live at the residence and they informed officers there was still a missing adult female still inside the house. Officers entered the residence and immediately encountered heavy smoke inside the home. Officers began searching for the victim on the main floor but didn’t locate her. The officer then made his way towards the staircase leading to the second floor where he was met by open flames.
The officer bypassed the flames and headed upstairs where he could hear the victim yelling. The officer found the victim on the second floor of the house, he then carried the female victim downstairs and out of the house to safety. The Sauk Centre fire department arrived on the scene and put the fire out. Sauk Centre Ambulance also arrived on scene and transported all 3 victims to the hospital. The police officers were treated at the scene and returned to duty. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.