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Woman Finds Phone in the Toilet…10 Years Later!!


Now I’ve lost my phone before, but this would make me want to never find it again! A woman in Maryland was plunging her toilet last week, and she pulled out something that was lodged in the pipes:  It was her old iPhone, which she lost nearly 10 YEARS AGO.  It’s apparently been there ever since.

A woman in Maryland named Becki Beckmann says she and her husband were having trouble with their toilet last week.  There was a “banging sound” every time they flushed.  Initially, they blamed it on their old house, but then they got so annoyed that they decided to “plunge the [heck] out of it.”

That’s when they pulled something out:  Becki’s iPhone, that had been deeply lodged in the toilet . . . for almost 10 YEARS.  She said she lost that phone back on Halloween of 2012. And yes, she may have been drinking…a bit much.

In a post on Facebook, she said she thought it was “mysterious” that her phone vanished without a trace.  But eventually, she gave up looking for it and bought a new one.  She included some photos of the old phone after they pulled it out.

Obviously, it was damaged . . . but unless they cleaned it up before sharing the photos, it mostly just looks like it was dropped. I wonder if they put it in a bag of rice for 10 years if it will work again?