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Why I Relay? The Fight Against Cancer Never Sleeps.


The Douglas County Relay for Life is an annual event in our community. It’s difficult to capture the enormity of such an experience, you really need to be there to feel the full effect. Seas of people join together with one thing in common: cancer has affected their life. They’re survivors, caregivers, family, friends, community members and all are at the core very human. Humans are designed to survive indescribable pain and suffering, but we aren’t meant to suffer in silence or alone. That’s why we relay. For hope for a future where cancer doesn’t win, closure or healing as we grieve those that have lost/finished their fight, those that are battling cancer (either themselves or loved ones) and have to keep a brave face in front of the rest of the world during their day to day. It all comes together here, at the Douglas County Relay for Life.


Walk, run, bring a camper, set up a chair. Play games, laugh, bring the kids to enjoy activities. Grab cool swag and incredible merchandise and goods at Fundraising Lane. Listen to courageous testimonies of the evening’s honorees. Light a candle, and place it in a luminaria bag for the ones you miss and the ones you encourage to keep going. Eat some yummy food. Dance to some kickin’ music by Blonde and the Bohunk. Donate. Support. Fight back in your own way.


blonde bohunk honoree

We asked committee members (a small army that makes this event possible) why they relay. Here are their responses:

“I relay to honor friends (classmates, co-workers, neighbors, college friends, mentors) and family (cousins, aunts, uncles, great grandma, father-in-law) who have fought – or are fighting – cancer.”  Cindy Haarstad

“I Relay for my husband who lost his fight with cancer at the age of 35, and for all the family and friends who have had cancer touch their lives.” Jo Cory

“I Relay for my Mom and so I know we did everything in our power to prevent cancer from effecting our children, family, friends and neighbors.” Sherri Maanum

“I relay because I love being part of this community event that celebrates and honors those touched by cancer.” Amanda Miller

“To encourage cancer patients and their caregivers to be BRAVE, hold onto HOPE, keep up the FIGHT and to always, always believe in the CURE.” Celeste Gardner

“I relay to support those fighting cancer, their caregivers and to honor loved ones I’ve lost to this evil disease.  I relay to support the research done by the American Cancer Society that is making a difference in this fight! ” Lynette Kluver

“I relay partly for myself as a 20 year survivor.  I also relay for friends and family members who have lost the fight with this disease.” Deb Frie

“I Relay to END CANCER.” Jeanette Weber

“I have a strong HOPE that our efforts will some day lead to a world without cancer. Toni Diede

“The Relay for Life is an important part of our principles as a family; to support the cause that the American Cancer Society stands for. This belief that nobody should hear the words “you have cancer” is what drives us to support by giving financially and volunteering our time throughout each year.” Brian Diede

“I Relay in memory and honor of those affected by cancer and to do my part in the fight against cancer. ”

“I Relay to support the fight against cancer. To remember and honor those who have lost their battle.  To give hope to those fighting cancer. Also, as a survivor,  I walk the meaningful survivor lap, to celebrate 1 more year of cancer free.” Michelle Ritten- Frovarp

“I relay for all of my family and friends that have been affected by cancer.  Some are survivors some are not, but I relay to remember their journey. ” Lisa Larson

“I relay because to do nothing is fatal. I survived. Others just like me have similar stories. We have hope for a future, we are stronger together, and the light always beats back the darkness.” Chelsea Lee

Every Dollar Raised Fuels The American Cancer Society’s Fight Against Cancer. Donate Today. Relay For Life Is Community-Based And Volunteer-Driven. Help Fight Cancer And Donate Today. Celebrate Life. Help Save Lives. Donate to Fight Cancer. Join the Movement.

Join us next Friday!! 

The Douglas County Relay for Life is Friday, July 15th from 5pm-12am at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.