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What’s it like to sing with Adele *and* Taylor Swift? Chris Stapleton’s not talking

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If you got the chance to sing with the two biggest female stars in pop music, you’d want to tell everyone about the experience, right?  Not if you’re country superstar Chris Stapleton.

Chris is the duet partner of choice for Taylor Swift and Adele: He sings with Taylor on “I Bet You Think About Me,” a “From the Vault” track on Red (Taylor’s Version), which comes out Friday; and with Adele on a bonus track on her album, 30, which comes out later this month.  But backstage at the CMA Awards Wednesday night, when asked to reveal what that was like, Chris was a gentleman and kept his lips zipped.

“I can tell you very simply, they called and I answered,” Chris told reporters. “Y’know, those are calls that you, when you pick up, you’re like, ‘What do you want me to do? O.K. cool.’ Y’know, that’s how that goes.”

“So that’s what I can tell you about it,” he added, maddeningly. “The rest of it, they’ll have to tell you on their own time.”

Sure, Chris — because Taylor and Adele just love talking to the press.

By the way, Chris is also the duet partner of choice for another big female pop star: He sings with Kelly Clarkson on her new holiday album …When Christmas Comes Around.  And Wednesday night, he sang with another American Idol alum, Jennifer Hudson.

And he doesn’t limit himself to female pop stars, either: Chris also sang with Justin Timberlake on JT’s most recent album, 2018’s Man of the Woods.  That came after the two brought down the house at the CMA Awards back in 2015.


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