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What Are They Chanting?? Auditory Illusion!


It seems like every few years, something CONFUSES the entire internet.  In 2015, it was “The Dress” . . . and in 2018, it was the audio clip that sounded like both “Yanny” and “Laurel.”

And now, there might be a worthy successor.

Last weekend, a 20-year-old posted a clip on TikTok of people chanting a phrase over and over again.  It’s garbled, so it’s difficult to hear what they’re saying. The clip went viral, with people all over the internet responding with what they’re hearing . . . and some of the suggestions include:

“Bart Simpson Bouncing”

“Rotating Pirate Ship”

“That Isn’t My Receipt”

“Lobsters in Motion”

“That Is Embarrassing”

“Lactates in Pharmacy”

“I’m Chasing Martian”

“Baptism Piracy”

“That Isn’t Mercy”



Ultimately, there’s only one REAL answer. Some users have pointed out that the chant is likely “That Is Embarrassing.”  It’s something that fans of a British soccer team shout.  The team is the Derby County Football Club, and they’re based in Derbyshire, England.