We Had Visitors This Morning In The KIK-FM Studio!

Tuesday morning at KIK-FM was a lot more fun with Hemker Park and Zoo bringing in a few animals!

Jackie and Ann brought in a cockatoo named “Baby” and an American alligator named “Gator” in to the KIK-FM studios with Paul and Pete this morning.  I remember last year we had a “singing dog” which he was a hoot!   Baby the cockatoo bobbed her head and whistled and said “How are you doing?” this morning on the air.  She was a pretty bird and really liked to bob her head!  Gator was a little more subdued but he was awfully cute and seemed to be fascinated with Irene our Sales Rep’s colorful shirt as he seemed to be mesmerized!

If you’re looking for a great place to take the kids or grandkids this summer…head to Hemker Park and Zoo of Freeport!  Not only will it be fun…they’ll be learning too!   Thanks to Jackie and Ann and Baby and Gator for coming to visit us this morning!