WATCH: Man Skates Out Onto Canadian Lake to Rescue Stranded Deer

An Ontario, Canada man named Ryan Peterson was on his lunch break when he decided to help three deer he’d spotted that were stuck in the ice on Lake of the Woods, near Kenora, CTV reports. Peterson said he was told that rescuers would not be able to help the deer out of concern that the lake was not completely frozen, but he decided to help the animals anyway. “I went back to work and grabbed some rope. The ice was still too thin for any kind of vehicle, so skating was the only option,” Peterson said. He then skated out to the the stuck animals, and was able to lasso all three and drag them to shore, where two were able to quickly scamper away. “The two younger ones took off running right away, but the doe stuck around with what seemed like an injured hip or leg,” Peterson said.

ON THIN ICE: A man came to the rescue of three deer stranded out on a frozen lake in Canada while he was skating on his lunch break, safely pulling them back to shore. (via ABC)

Posted by 4 News Now on Monday, December 16, 2019