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Wanted: Gorgeous Hand Model to Feed Customers Grapes


Did you ever dream of becoming rich so that you can have someone feed you grapes . . . directly into your mouth?  Or have you ever wanted to be the person who feeds people grapes?

After taking out a full page advertisement in the UK’s Sunday Times on Oct. 2, Bacchanalia — a soon-to-be-open swanky Greek and Italian eatery in Mayfair — quickly filled the one-of-a-kind position with a demanding criteria, according to Indy100.

That fortunate worker qualified not only for having “gorgeous hands” but a “basic grasp of Greek and Latin” as well, according to the ‘help wanted’ ad.

“Perks include regular manicures & the finest food & wine,” the restaurant’s parent company, Caprice Holdings, boasted.

When news of the odd job spread online, some were perplexed as to how real the position is.

“Hang on, is this parody? Serious question,” read one mocking tweet sent from an account representing a horse named Rufy Cruising.

“I think it’s safe to say that society is doing pretty well,” tweeted TV writer Carl Kinsella.

Others approached the the Caesarian maneuver with a sense of humor.

“A Roman slave is currently turning in their grave knowing that they were London’s first grape feeder circa AD50,” wrote journalist Tom Pashby.

Bacchanalia — whose Richard Caring-run parent company owns upscale restaurants including Balthazar and Sexy Fish, both of London — promises to be “a celebration of exceptional Greek and Italian cuisine, exquisite wines, and exuberant revelry.”