Viking Speedway and First Responders are Hot!

I found out this morning that there are hundreds and apparently thousands of Viking Speedway fans and First Responders in our listening area!

At around 6:40am I posted on Facebook a picture of this poster we have in the studio:

As you can see…I’m not the best photographer!  It’s not lined up and a tad blurry.  But what blew me away was as of 11:30am…it has 2,138 page views!!  I guess what I take out of this is that it’s not the quality of the Facebook post…but it’s the quantity of it.  How cool is it that the Viking Speedway and many other sponsors are celebrating ALL First Responders by giving them a free night out to the races this weekend!   Hat’s off to all those that put their “lives on the line” each and everyday to help us out and keep us safe.  And hat’s off to the Viking Speedway and the Racers and the Sponsors that give these great people an exciting night out on them.   And hey…be listening to KIK-FM this Thursday morning around 9:40am and we’ll be interviewing some of these folks on the air!