Use These Tips to Be a Kinder, More Conscientious Traveler

The New York Times writer Erinne Magree points out that being a kind traveler is every bit as important as being a savvy traveler, especially when dealing with staff and employees at hotels, restaurants and other locations. She has compiled the following list of kind suggestions for those those about to embark on their next trip.

  • Address workers and employees by their names, if possible. This makes people feel seen and appreciated.
  • Compliment people now or when you return home. This can be motivating for staff you interact with.
  • Show respect and curiosity about local culture and customs. Try learning some of the language if they don’t speak English, for instance.
  • Remember conservation efforts. Remember to recycle and throw trash away.
  • Engage in small talk.  Consider asking staff to join you for a quick chat or a drink.