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Tyler Perry says he’s ready to “relinquish” some of his creative control over his series

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Tyler Perry is ready to take a step back from the writers room. Following the backlash he received after revealing that he’s the sole writer for his scripted series, Perry now says he’s looking to enlist some directors and writers to handle his projects in the next few years.

“I’m the volume guy for about three or four more years,” Perry tells The Hollywood Reporter of his time left in handling multiple jobs on his projects. “My plan is to relinquish to a lot more directors and writers to take over a lot of these shows that I’ve started.”

Perry says his new role will now be a lot “more of… overseeing, rather than doing the hands-on work.”

“For the past six weeks, I was in the mountains. I wrote 72 episodes of television — just me in a room by myself, sitting out there, looking at the moose and the mountains,” he shares, describing his daily practice while away. “I love it. And I love directing for 12- or 15-hour days.”

However, Perry admits that while he’s definitely a workaholic, he also knows the importance of some quality downtime.

“But I realize there’s so much more that I could be doing if I were to hand some of the other stuff off — rather than doing it all myself,” he adds.

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