Train Spills Corn Very Neatly Onto Minnesota Train Tracks

A freight train managed to spill about 900 bushels of corn along a 2,000-foot stretch of train tracks in Minnesota, according to UPI. On Monday, Alex “Boreal” Forrest posted a picture of the neatly spilled corn kernels on the tracks; many didn’t believe that the corn was real. The next day, the Minnesota Star Tribune confirmed that there was indeed corn on the tracks in Crystal, Minnesota. The Canada Pacific Railway had no comment on the matter.

The corn on the railroad track photo is REAL

On Monday, a picture of corn laying as smooth as a yellow brick road between railroad tracks raced across social media. Many questioned its authenticity, but Star Tribune reporter Adam Belz is here to confirm that the photo is indeed real, and it's in Crystal, Minnesota.

Posted by Star Tribune on Tuesday, January 7, 2020