Too Tall Tom is On Vacation, But The Weather Outlook is Good!

We have a bit of a dilemma here at Kik-FM.  Too Tall Tom is on vacation for a week and half…so we’re going to miss his weather forecasts with his own “spin” on them.

But the good news is…we can still give you the weather.  Maybe not with Too Tall’s own vernacular…but we’ll give it our best shot!  So far…conditions for a meltdown have been ideal.  Below freezing temperatures at night and above freezing temperatures during the day.  Looks like the trend will continue this week to help keep flooding in check.   Yes…there will be some roads underwater and I’m sure some basements are already wet…but we’ll hope the melt is slow.  We’ll enjoy High’s in the mid to upper 30’s and Low’s in the upper 20’s through Thursday.  Then mid 40’s to near 50 Friday thru Sunday.   Happy Spring!