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This 8 Year Old Snuck a Book in the Library and they Loved It

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Photo: Media Clip KTVB

During today’s “Good Vibes” segment, where we share feel good stories every morning brought to you by Counselor Realty, this stole our hearts! An eight-year-old kid in Idaho named Dillon Helbig loves his local library and wants to be a writer.  For years, he’s been talking about having a book HE wrote in the library someday.  And I guess he got sick of waiting.

His grandmother recently gave him an empty journal.  So he wrote his own book and HID it on one of the shelves at the library.  It’s about Christmas and called “The Adventures of Dillon Helbig’s Crismis by Dillon Helbig Himself.”  And check this out:  The library was so impressed, they’re adding it to their permanent collection.