The great Lake Miltona deer rescue of 2019

It’s the great deer rescue of 2019!

A Minnesota man saved two exhausted deer who were trapped on the ice covering Lake Miltona.

Shawn Johnson saw a friend’s Facebook post about the deer, and got his equipment ready for the big rescue. He says the deer were out on the ice for a long time before he got out there.

Shawn took precautions himself, knowing the ice was spotty and he could have fallen in at any moment. He also took the time to shoot video, and posted it on Facebook with a warning to be careful on the ice.

He tells KIK FM that it’s hard to see any animal struggle and felt the need to save them, even though he is an avid hunter.

Shawn is going back down there today to check on the female deer that had a difficult time walking after getting off the ice.


DEER RESCUE Lake Miltona, 2019.

Posted by Shawn Johnson on Sunday, December 8, 2019