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The ‘Family Reunion’ cast dishes on why their Netflix sitcom is so “relatable”

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The Family Reunion cast is returning with all new episodes and plenty of surprises for its third season.

For the series matriarch, Loretta Devine, who plays M’Dear, part of the excitement of starring on the hilarious sitcom is getting to show the authentic and relatable side of her quirky character.

“We just do our best to be genuine with what the writers have given us,” Devine tells ABC Audio. “I mean all of the scripts are love notes in a lot of ways to what our culture is like. How we love each other, how we give to each other, how we spend time together and the differences in each generation…So we give our all in everything.”

Anthony Alabi, who plays M’Dear’s son Moz, agrees, noting that “one of the best things” about his character is his adaptability.

“I think at times he’s funny because he needs to lighten the mood,” Alabi explains. “And then you see the other side of him, which [is] the disciplinarian.”

“And so, I think when you show that to families who are watching, the dads in those families a lot of times would be like, ‘So it’s OK to be vulnerable. Or it’s OK to kind of be funny and not have to be so stoic all the time,'” he continues. “But I think that’s why fans — and more in particular men — can relate to the character Moz.”

As for Tia Mowry-Hardwick, who plays Moz’s wife Cocoa, her character’s relatability hits close to home.

“When she does get relatable as well — it’s ‘don’t play her,'” she explains. “And that’s how I am in real life. Like, we’re very loving, we’re very kind, but if you push us — you’ll get the smoke…especially when it comes to family.” 

Netflix’s Family Reunion is now available.

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