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The Day Facebook Went Dark

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Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, all owned by the same company, faced its largest outage yesterday. October 4th, 2021. Millions saw errors on their screens and messages that they were unable to connect to the popular apps. Facebook engineers made configuration changes to their routers and managed to disconnect the Domain Name System that interrupted IP addresses of millions of users in the database, kicking them off of the network, including their own IT division who mostly works remotely. Nearly 8 hours later they were back online, but not after watching their stocks plummet over 5% costing founder Mark Zuckerberg a whopping $7 billion dollars. Initially it was thought to be tied to the whistleblower scandal that made headlines Sunday night. Former employee, Frances Haugen, did an interview with “60 Minutes”, exposing all kinds of internal corruption at Facebook. She explained that hateful, fuel on the fire incendiary content was more profitable for Facebook. Their algorithm prioritizes that content into users news feeds, driving clicks and igniting an intense world wide emotional response.  If you were feeling stressed when using Facebook, but can’t seem to disengage, then this tool is working.

Haugen said they KNEW Instagram was increasing suicidal thoughts and eating disorders among young girls, and really didn’t do anything about it. She testified before Congress yesterday. Then the blackout occurred around 11:30 am and lasted until the evening.