Teen Makes Gourmet Pizzas for His Homeschool Business Class

Since September, a 14-year-old Minnesota teen has been making take-and-bake gourmet pizzas for his homeschool business class. City Pages reports that Ezra Kuznia’s mother, who put him up to the task, posted on the I love NE Minneapolis Facebook page to tell people about what her son was doing. He chooses flavor profiles on his own; his ideas come when, he says, “I look at which pizzas our family has rated the highest and choose out of those.” There’s some concern about overloading his little enterprise, and his most challenging day was one where he had six orders to do in an afternoon. Because Kuznia doesn’t have a commercially licensed kitchen, he cannot charge for the food he makes. He only asks for suggested donations of $15 to $20. This week’s offerings are blue Cheese, walnut and pear pizza or chicken avocado. Are they good? “Five out of five drunk people in my apartment agreed it was delicious,” said one writer who ordered.