Teachers Share the Most Embarrassing Reasons They’ve Had to Call Kids’ Parents

Current teachers and former students on Reddit are offering up some hilarious (and sometimes disturbing) reasons a teacher had to call a kid’s parents, even when that call was as embarrassing for the teacher as it was for the parent. Here are 10 of the better responses from BuzzFeed (you can see all of them on this link):

  1. “I had to call a student’s parents after he ran around the playground yelling, ‘I’ve got a big penis!'”
  2. “Once a kindergartner asked to go to the bathroom and intentionally didn’t wipe himself. When he came back to the gym, he backed his a** up right in line with another kid’s face, dropped his pants, and put his sh**ty ass on that poor kid’s face! My colleague called the parents, and the ‘poopetrator’ got a suspension.”
  3. “My wife was 30 seconds away from calling not just the kid’s parents, but also child welfare after a kid told her they wanted to be the ‘park whore’ when they grow up. Turns out, they wanted to do parkour.”
  4. “I had to email a kid’s parents after I asked my class what comes in pairs, and he enthusiastically yelled, ‘Testicles!'”
  5. “My teacher called my parents because I would only talk in third person for like five whole weeks.”
  6. “I’ve had to call multiple kindergarten and first grade students’ parents who have brought the mom’s ‘pleasure device’ to school, thinking it was a cool toy that vibrates. Once a kid was trying to grab something from his backpack, and the ‘toy’ flew up in the air and landed right in the middle of the hall in front of everyone!”
  7. “My parents told me that when I was in first grade my teacher called them after she asked for examples of liquids, and I raised my hand and said, ‘Cognac!'”
  8. “My class was working on a craft project involving sandwich bags, and one of my kids loudly announced that they have those at home, too. His mom ‘puts her weed in there!'”
  9. “I once had to call a first grader’s parents to inform them that their son had taken his mom’s engagement ring to propose to me at school.”
  10. “I once had to throw a kid out of class for licking highlighters. He was 15.”