Image by Alejandro Garay from Pixabay

Support Local Businesses By Playing Pride of the Lakes BINGO

Pride of the Lakes is trying to get people supporting local businesses in a new, fun way! They are launching Pride of the Lakes BINGO. There are three cards you can pay, each card has 22 local businesses.

A person has to accumulate receipts totaling at least $20 from each business listed in a row to make a BINGO (vertical/horizontal/diagonal). Each BINGO is an entry. A person can enter as many times as they wish for chances to win one of ten $100 Chamber Buck prizes.

“The goal behind this effort is to help generate some business for our local businesses and educate the public on the importance of buying local,” says a representative in a press release.

All submissions must be received by Tuesday, September 8th with a live drawing on Facebook of the winners on Friday, September 11th. More details on how to submit your BINGO will be available on the top of each card.

You can download your bingo cards here: Bingo Card – 2 Bingo Card 1 Bingo Card 3

They are also available at various businesses around Douglas County including the Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce at 206 Broadway St. Cards will also be available here. For more information, call the Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce at 320-763-3161 or email