Strong Winds May Ground Balloons at This Year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Say it ain’t so! The New York Post reports that this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade may have to nix its iconic balloons due to strong winds in the holiday forecast. “It looks shaky for the balloons,” says Accuweather senior meteorologist Steve Wistar, who predicts sustained winds of 12 to 25 mph and peak gusts up to 40 mph for Thursday morning. City regulations dictate that sustained winds over 23 mph and gusts stronger than 34 mph would force the inflatables to be canceled. Those regulations were enacted in 1998 after a 1997 Macy’s parade staffer was put into a coma when a gust of wind caused the Cat in the Hat balloon to strike a streetlamp, which fell and hit her on the head. New York City hasn’t grounded the Macy’s parade balloons since 1971.