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State Budget: Billions in Savings Plan and A Bonus for Essential Workers

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As the June 30th deadline to finish the Minnesota State Budget, the House and Senate leaders say there are “some minor issues” remaining between Democrats and Republicans to be settled,  but they’re confident the budget will be complete before tomorrow. This is the longest they’ve taken in a decade to reach an agreement. The last being in 2011 when the government was forced to shut down in July, affecting all government run buildings and even access to state parks.  Positives is that the state savings account is about 2.4 billion dollars and tax collections are nearly 2 billion more than projected. Some highlights are an increase in funding for schools, no new taxes or transportation taxes.

Some essential workers who have been working the entire pandemic may see part of a $250 million dollar bonus. Details have not been worked out yet. There are still arguments of how to wind down Walz’s emergency powers and how to reform policing and increase safety.