Squirrel Destroys Couple’s New Home Over Holidays; Insurance Won’t Cover Damage Because It’s a Rodent

Last month, Kari and Dustin Drees bought a new house in Atlanta’s classy Buckhead district. After vacationing during the holidays, however, they returned to find that their new pad had been thoroughly trashed by a squirrel who took up residence there after falling down the chimney. It scratched up the floors, chewed on baseboards, turned on a kitchen faucet, and defecated everywhere, among other residential calamities. But the AP reports that the couple’s insurance provider won’t cover the damage because “a squirrel is a rodent.” By contrast, had a raccoon trashed their house, the damage would have been covered. That being said, Mercury Insurance has offered to pay for alternative housing for the couple while they repair their furniture, windows, floors, and walls.