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KIK-FM 20th Anniversary 9/11 Salute! (Audio)

Twenty years have passed since the largest terrorist attack on our nation, and it feels like it was yesterday. Thank you to our listeners for sharing where you were that...

Florida Man: What NOT to do at a Traffic Stop

Florida Man, every day with Kris and Chelsea at 6:50 and 7:50 am. Basically, what not to do with your life. Today’s darling decided to try to get out of...

9/11 We Remember: 20th Anniversary Lunch and Ceremony

KIK-FM and Cool 94.3 have partnered with local organizations and a local non profit, Life GR, to not only remember but raise awareness for those who are struggling with the...

Bridezilla or Justified? Bride sends no show guest a bill!!

Is she a bridezilla or was this justified? A wedding guest is furious after getting an invoice after they didn’t show up to a wedding This has gone viral on...

We Don't Deserve Dogs! Happy National Dog Day!

It’s National Dog Day!! Man’s/Woman’s best friend. The best relationships between this angel with four legs and humans are unconditional bonds of love, loyalty and undeniable friendship. Here are some...

Pushing Physical Limits: 9/11 Memorial Walk Soldiers On

  Update! Jesse is closing in on the Pentagon. His final steps of his journey will commence this Saturday in time for the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. The 454 miles...

Unlikely Friends Living Their Best Lake Life

Scott Rykken took this incredible photo, capturing a loon on her nest, joined by a turtle and a small muskrat. They appear to be quite comfortable, bathing in the sun,...

Heinz is going after hot dog and bun companies, and we agree why!

Heinz Canada launched a petition on to force hot dog and bun companies to both sell in equal amounts.  They think ten-packs for both should be the new standard....

Mom Almost Leaves With the Wrong Kid at the Grocery Store!

Can you get in trouble for an ACCIDENTAL kidnapping?  It’s not clear where this happened, but a security camera got it on video.  A woman got distracted while she was at...

"Shocking" Revelations to a New Yorker after he Visits the Midwest

It’s the classic tale, big city slicker visits small country town in the Midwestand likes it! Well most of it. A guy named Frank Olito grew up on Long Island,...


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Hometown: So. St. Paul, MN
Best Concert I’ve Ever Been To: There’s so many! Keith Urban, Brantley Gilbert, and Garth have to be at the top!
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who take a drink before swallowing their food, I don’t know why this bothers me, but it does!  I’m weird!
The show I Love To Binge: Shark Tank, Pawn Stars, and Curb Your Enthusiasm
Dream Travel Destination: Key West! I’ve been there A LOT, but it never gets old!
Worst Trend I Ever Followed: Do I have to admit this?? Frosted tips…this was when I WAS 22 though…NOT last year!!  Go ahead and judge!
What Always Surprises People About Me: I tend to put my foot in my mouth A LOT!! So I apologize in advance!

Chelsea Lee

Hometown: Eden Prairie/Alexandria, MN
Best Concert I’ve Ever Been To: Miranda Lambert and her all female crew Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour. She inspired me to pick up a guitar and play it loud!
Biggest Pet Peeve: Posting pics of food on IG that look like garbage, complaining, and leaving dishes in the sink!
Shows I Love To Binge: The Hills (I know, I know) and The Office.
Background: Graduated from Jefferson and SCSU with a Mass Comm Degree, lived on both coasts from Washington DC to Washington state. Happy to be home in Minnesota. I love Jesus, my horse and dogs are considered family, and music is medicine.
One thing most folks don’t know about me: I’ve taken Opera lessons and it’s my favorite kind of singing!