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Amy Foxx

Weekdays 2pm-7pm

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One Of The Good Ones

You hear us talking all about Rev’d Up Country Fest on KIK-fm. For me, not only is it exciting to be bringing live music to Viking Speedway in Alexandria, but...

My Kitchen Remodel!

I have never, ever, ever done a kitchen remodel before and I’m both nervous and excited! This is the 6th home that my husband and I have lived in, and...


If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not have noticed how TERRIBLE the stinging insects are right now. I am usually a bee-friendly person. I know we need...


We’re so excited for the Douglas County Fair! Please stop by and say “Hi!” We’ll be there each day, with plenty of games and prizes, and events on the all-new...

Rock The Dock!

I want to tell you a little bit about this event on Saturday. It was dreamed up last year by Jeff and Bev Leyk, who have a place on Big...

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About Amy

Hometown: Monticello, MN
Family: Husband Matt, 2 daughters (15 & 14) and a son (8)
Pet: My dog, Kevin Bacon
Best Concert I’ve Ever Been To: Can’t pick just one! Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Billy Joel, The Dixie Chicks
Biggest Pet Peeve: Having to put my hands in dirty dishwater!
Shows I Love To Binge: Parks & Recreation, The Office, Ozark
Dream Travel Destination: Hawaii or anywhere in Europe
Worst Trend I Ever Followed: Pinning and rolling the the hems of my jeans (ugh!)
What Always Surprises People About Me: How short I am (5’1″)
Something I dislike that most people like: video games
What I love about Central MN: THE PEOPLE!

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