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Sheriff Deputy Goes Above and Beyond to Help Elderly

deputy alexander
When law enforcement does welfare checks, it’s more than just a knock on the door and a “Hi, there! Are you alright?” They look for signs of potentially dangerous or unsafe conditions. Typically from there, referrals for resources are made if available. In this rare case, a personal request was made as the Sheriff Deputy went above and beyond to help.
Recently, Deputy Dustin Alexander of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call to check on an elderly person’s well-being. He assisted the person, and while he was at the residence, he noticed that the stairs to enter the home needed repair.
Deputy Alexander contacted a friend, Garfield Fire Chief Jed Tatro, who helped coordinate a plan to fix the stairs. Like a lot of projects, the project got bigger as they dug into it. In the end, the step was replaced, and a ramp was added with a concrete landing at the end of it.
Donations and volunteered labor gave this story a happy ending. Generous donations were given by: Helping Hands, Thrivent Action Grant, Kluver Concrete Services, Hilltop Lumber and other individuals. Volunteers that helped with the construction work were: Marshall Vickerman, Adam Baumann, Craig Sholts, Craig Klug, Jon Oberg, Jed Tatro, Jayden Tatro, John and Rondi Wussow, Jason Kluver and Deputy Dustin Alexander.
There are many positive stories involving law enforcement. The men and women in law enforcement agencies are also members of the community. From the stories told here, you can see a sampling of the many ways they make a difference in the communities they serve.
Here’s their post on Facebook showing the difference community makes!!