Salute To The Songwriters

This Saturday night, we’re so excited to bring you a special program on KIK-FM, commercial-free from 7 to 10pm!

Just like our local businesses in the Alexandria area are essential to our business – we wouldn’t be on the air every day without music. Sometimes, for those of us that aren’t singer/songwriters, it seems like songs just ‘exist.’ But it’s really the incredible creativity and magic that comes from songwriters and artists to create music that speaks to the rest of us. We’re proud to play the best country music every day.

COVID-19 has devastated our music community, leaving thousands of music creators and music
professionals without work and an uncertain future.

In this program, songwriters will share stories about the songs you love while raising funds to directly support
music people in need.

How can you help?

You can DONATE NOW  – TEXT “SONGWRITERS” to 41444.
Go to to learn more – and to donate. And, you can listen Saturday night and just feel connected to the songs that people have created that are now a part of your life, and when the world reopens – hopefully see your favorites performed live – and feel the energy of a crowd experiencing the emotions of a song again.

Tune in this Saturday for “Salute To The Songwriters,” by BMI – commercial free from 7p to 10p on KIK-FM – and have a great weekend!

-Amy Foxx