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Rock The Dock!

Copy of Copy of Summer Camp Presentation

I want to tell you a little bit about this event on Saturday. It was dreamed up last year by Jeff and Bev Leyk, who have a place on Big Sauk Lake, which of course they call “The Leyk Lot.” My husband and I have known them for 20 years and they are great salt-of-the-earth people. Last year, they wanted to do something to raise money for their local Melrose and Sauk Centre chapters of The Special Olympics. Their daughter, Tori, is an athlete. During the pandemic, she wasn’t able to and of course – fundraising was difficult. You know the drill. So what could they do that would allow for social distancing? A band playing on their dock, and hoping that any boats that pull up to listen might give a donation. And, there’s raffle tickets to win a new pellet grill as well. Beyond their wildest dreams, this one-day, not highly-publicized event brought in donations totaling over $4400! In a pandemic! This Saturday – the weather looks great and Rock The Dock is BACK. If you’re going to be on the water anyway – why not do it while listening to live music AND supporting a great cause? WE WILL BE THERE! Hope to see you!

-Amy Foxx

Rock The Dock