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Redhead Creamery Thankful for Miracle After Devastating Storm

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red 2It was an insane 36 hours for one local farm operation with a happy ending. On Tuesday, August 24th, devastating winds and hail caused massive storm damage to the Redhead Creamery in Brooten, MN. It took out nearly 50% of their crops including those of their neighbors within a 5 mile radius. The storm pulled steel off of three of their buildings and downed dozens of trees and hundreds of apples. red 4All of the animals were reported to be ok but very shaken up.

Just when they were unsure about having to close their business, they were proud and shocked as employees, family, friends, neighbors and business partners all chipped in to help.


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Within hours they had lumber and steel to repair their buildings, the cows their business depended on still got milked, their cheese crew forced their way through the mess to get cheese deliveries out on time and a local bank helped with starting the claims and processes to get things fixed! 


To top everything off, a cow went into labor and they delivered a healthy calf.  What a tremendous community pitching in together and showing unity!