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Pushing Physical Limits: 9/11 Memorial Walk Soldiers On

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Update! Jesse is closing in on the Pentagon. His final steps of his journey will commence this Saturday in time for the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. The 454 miles he’s walking to raise funds for first responders and vets has been physically and emotionally taxing, yet healing! KIK-FM is following his journey!




Day 11- Jesse Johnson-Brower has reached Pennsylvania. His journey started at Ground Zero in New York, his final destination is the Pentagon on September 11th. Jesse was there on that fateful day when the planes hit in 2001. He walks to raise awareness and funds for LIFE GR– a non profit that provides crucial support and healing for first responders, military and veterans. Chris Behrens, Director of Development for Life GR and native to Alexandria shared, “An anonymous donor said that if we raise $10,000 this week, they will match it!” They are currently at $2750.


We spoke with Johnson-Brower on Friday, August 20th:

This 454 mile walk is symbolic, honoring the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. It’s been physically taxing, Johnson-Brower had undergone back surgeries and fusions last year. His mental strength is inspiring as he carries on, one step at a time. On day 6 he was joined by his dad. Often times, local law enforcement will hear about him and welcomes him into their territory with open arms and a professional escort to keep him safe on the road. KIK-FM is following his journey. Listen to the latest interview with this incredible veteran and follow his journey with us!