Police: 49-Year-Old Arrested After Altercation Over Upside Down Flag, Gun and Machette Involved

49-year-old Judd Hoff was arrested on Tuesday afternoon behind the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department on Fillmore after an altercation with another man. You can see the arrest here.

You may recognize the car he drives, it’s a small white car with the words “Defund APD” on the bumper and an upside down flag attached to the top. Sometimes the car is seen dragging a blue line flag from the back as well.

Hoff was driving the vehicle around on Tuesday, when another man saw the upside down flag and got upset. According to court documents, the man said that he had been, “having a rough day” when he noticed Hoff’s car.

The man, Eric Cornett was so upset that he stopped his car, got out and told Hoff to turn the flag around. Cornett walked over to Huff’s car, took the flag off the roof, and walked away with it.

Huff then got out of his car with a machete approximately 17-inch long, according to police. Cornett continued to walk away from Huff, but Huff kept walked towards Cornett, threatening him with the machete.

Police say Cornett pulled out his gun in self-defense, court documents say he feared Huff would harm him with the machete. Cornett has his conceal and carry gun permit, but said that, “he did not want to shoot the defendant.” Documents also say Cornett told Huff to “drop the machete” as he continued to backup.

Several people saw the whole altercation, and confirmed the details.

Cornett was detained and questioned, he’s facing a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge.

Hoff is facing a 2nd degree assault charge with a dangerous weapon, a felony. He could get a maximum sentence of 7 years in prison and or a $14,000 fine.

You can read the whole criminal complaint here: 8-19-20 (Hoff) Complaint OOD, 21-CR-20-1255 (1)

KIK FM’s Nik Knight arrived a few minutes after the police pulled up, you can see the video below.

**NEW**Alexandria investigators say Judd Hoff has been arrested for second degree assault. Police were called to an altercation involving weapons near the sheriffs department. Thankfully everyone is okay!**UPDATE**Road blocked off along Fillmore and 8th Ave West.One man is in handcuffs, unsure of which car he was driving.One of the vehicles involved had an upside down American flag attached to the car.

Posted by KIKV 100.7 FM Alexandria Minnesota on Tuesday, August 18, 2020