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The Kris & Chelsea Podcast

The Kris & Chelsea official podcast is here! All your favorite segments from Florida Man to Good Vibes to Missed Connections, plus extras not heard on the show!

Latest Episodes

OFF Air with Kris & Chelsea

In light of Mother’s Day, just around the corner, Kris & Chelsea talk about their moms. How they made them laugh, love and cry! We wouldn’t be here without them!

OFF AIR w/ Kris & Chelsea: Prom

Kris & Chelsea take a nice trip down memory lane, back to high school, and hashed out a milestone celebration “The Prom.” Comparing it to now, has prom gotten out of control? Is it a worthy tradition? They tell all from escalators, dress styles, dancing and motorcycles!

Community Spotlight – Distracted Driving Awareness

April is distracted driving awareness month. The statistics are more than just numbers, they are people. We spoke with Katie DeGier, who’s father was killed by a distracted driver. Even if one life is saved by this message, it’s worth it to her!

Community Spotlight – DECA Students Making a Big Impact

Local sophomores from the Alexandria Area High School, Zach, Maddie and Emily are heading to the International Competition with their DECA Chapter. DECA is a business club for high schoolers around the world that create marketing campaigns, develop business skills and make big impacts on their community. Listen to how $20 can help our local economy in a big way with their “Pride of the Lakes Campaign”.

OFF AIR with Kris & Chelsea: Wedding Rules, Making them & Breaking Them

Kris & Chelsea have more wedding experience than most and would like to glean some juicy and practical wisdom with hindsight. Kris had no idea there were so many rules around weddings. Chelsea shares the biggest ones that should be followed. And along the way are examples how they’ve been broken! Are weddings too much? Or are they important ceremonies that should continue to be revered? And do they ever meet one’s expectations? Follow along as they toss around the etiquette bouquet!

OFF Air with Kris & Chelsea: Phone Passcodes Relationship Deal Breaker?

Kris & Chelsea barely scratched the surface on their morning show with this topic. Let’s deep dive! Phone Passwords? Who has yours, if anyone at all? Do you let your significant other go through your phone?
A woman went into her husband’s phone while he was sleeping, and deleted hundreds of photos…why? Listen to this week’s podcast as we travel down the rabbit hole of cell phone trust issues together!

OFF AIR with Kris & Chelsea: Behind the scenes look at the creation of a Country Fest

Kris & Chelsea made a HUGE announcement in their morning show about the BRAND NEW Rev’d Up Country Fest. A country music concert extravaganza right next door to the station. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how it was born, and created from the ground up with crucial KIK-FM team members including event coordinator Kim Rollins and our stud of a GM Matt Senne.
We’ll dive into how you pick an artist, where we planted this seed of a concert, how to get discounted tickets…and what country artists keep in their trailers before a show! Who’s ready for live music and one of the BIGGEST Country Music Concerts our area has ever seen?