The Dirt Podcast

Hosted by Viking Speedway and various drivers – The Dirt talks about anything and everything to do with racing, especially on the High-Flyin’ Half Mile!

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Latest Episodes

The Dirt: Old & the Restless

The boys are back, and so is Viking Speedway! After a month hiatus, Dan & Jeff try their best to give updates about the racing scene in 2023 – and, of course, they throw some hogwash into the mix.

The Dirt: A Wissota Snowstorm

The boys talk about recent Wissota racing news, give an update on Viking Speedway, and wonder how the weather forecast works.

The Dirt: Oh Deer, the Boys Are Back in Town

After a 3-week hiatus, the guys have a lot to go over regarding the 2022 awards banquet & the rest of the race scene – but it wouldn’t feel right if they didn’t also spend a good chunk of time calling out BS & getting into the blah blah blah of things.

The Dirt: Pepe Le Pew Strikes Again

On a bi-weekly schedule as we enter the off-season, there’s LOTS to talk about this week – including, but not limited to: the Fall Special re-cap, a tease for the World Finals in November, deer hunting plans, hockey hooligans & stinky shenanigans (in more way than one!)

The Dirt: Two Radical Dudes in a Radical World

Local taxpayers Dan & Jeff pitch their ideal future for the dirt-track scene, expound on what’s left for racing this year, talk shop on National News, and reach out to race fans to gauge how they’d like the show to operate over the less-active Winter months to come.

The Dirt: Need A Tissue?

A 3-ring circus out on the tracks & we’re clownin’ around in the studio – Looks like Silly Season is here to stay!

The Dirt: I’m Blind, I’m Deaf, I Wanna Be a Ref

The guys give some corrections to their initial judging of this year’s WISSOTA 100, and go over potential prospects for the future of local & national dirt-track racing. Also, it’s Rules Season so get ready for things to get #Silly&Special.