Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors

Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors features discussion of all things outdoors in the True North. With thousands of lakes and thousands of acres of forest, Paul Bunyan Country is home to some of the best fishing and hunting in North America and you’ll hear from the some of the nation’s best guides and anglers.

Latest Episodes

JOEL NELSON: Joel Got His Deer And Other Great Stories From The Great Outdoors

We check in with Joel Nelson and get the scoop on his deer, along with everything else going on outdoors with Joel. We talk about his FAVORITE thing to hunt, his favorite WAY to hunt, what fall fishing looks like in the this weather and much more, including Joel’s ideal winter.
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JONESY’S BACK: Jeremy “Jonesy” Anderson Returns To Talk Fall Fishing In Greater Park Rapids Along With Deer Hunting

Jonesy Anderson of Jones Guide Service has been plying the waters well into November and he tells us why…GREAT action. He talks about the many species active now. He’s also been in the woods and will be back this weekend as he’s still looking for the “right” deer. All that and a Fast Five too.
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HOYER HAPPENINGS: NWT Angler Of The Year (and 2 time DC) John Hoyer Is Back….And He’s Hunting

John Hoyer is back and he’s got ALOT to share. Since winning his 2nd straight NWT Championship (and 3rd overall) and earning Angler of the Year, he’s been elk hunting, representing the USA in Europe for the World Predator Championships, AND moving to Iowa (so he can do more deer hunting). All that and a Fast Five too!
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WOODS & WATER: Tony Roach Is Doing It All

Tony Roach is getting it all done this fall. Bow Hunting, Walleye Fishing, Grouse Hunting, Perch Fishing, Pheasant Hunting, Crappie Fishing. We get ALL the details and a Fast Five From One Of The Greats
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Jason D LOVES to fish. In fact, he loves it so much, there’s a near 100% chance he’ll be on the water reelin’ in fish this opening weekend. We get the details on fall fishing in the greater Park Rapids area along with another Fairly Fast Five.
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