Pediatricians Say Schools Should Open in Person This Fall

The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends students be physically present for the coming school year, according to NPR. The AAP says there is “mounting evidence” that it’s uncommon for kids to transmit the coronavirus; they are also less likely to get the virus. Meanwhile, thy say that remote homeschooling could actually mean heightened severe learning loss and social isolation, which can cause significant health, emotional and social issues. They say those impacts will be greater on Black and brown kids, low-income kids and kids with learning disabilities. The AAP recommends physical distancing, hand-washing and being outside whenever possible. Notably, they do not recommend masks for younger kids. Adults should also take additional precautions, they say. However, it’s unknown whether teachers will be willing to go along with this; one-third of teachers are over 50, which puts them at higher risk for the virus.