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Girl Scouts Introduce New Lemon-Ups Cookies Featuring Positive Messages

Girl Scout cookie season officially kicks off on Tuesday, and with it, the introduction of a new sweet treat. People reports that Lemon-Ups are “crispy and sweet glazed lemon cookies” that sport positive messages on them inspired by the group’s mission. “I am a go-getter” and “I am an innovator” are just two of the eight inspiring phrases that will be baked …

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Pickup crashes while driving Sauk Centre man with gunshot to hospital

A pickup ran off the road and crashed in Sauk Centre while the driver was taking his friend, who had been shot, to the hospital. Sterns County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called after a white Chevy Silverado struck an electrical box on Main Street North. Investigators say 32-year-old Justin Henrichs from Sauk Centre and 38-year-old Jason Ruegemer of Villard were …

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Minnesota ranked #1 best state to raise a family in 2020

Wallethub is out with its rankings of the best U.S. cities to raise a family in 2020. Based on such factors as median family salary, housing affordability and unemployment rate, here are the states that made the top 10 (check the link for more): Minnesota Massachusetts North Dakota Vermont New Hampshire New York New Jersey Nebraska Connecticut Washington

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Are You the Next “Hotdogger” to Wrangle the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile?

Oscar Meyer is looking for “hotdoggers” to be brand ambassadors and drive a Wienermobile, according to UPI. If hired, “hotdoggers” take a striking, immediately recognizable 27-foot vehicle around the country. Stops would be made at various charity functions, grocery stores and other locations. Before heading out, Delish reports that “hotdoggers” attend “Hot Dog High” where they learn to maneuver the …

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Over 500 Delta Airlines Employees Claim Uniforms Cause Serious Medical Problems

Over 500 current and former Delta Airlines employees are part of a class action suit against Land’s End, their uniform manufacturer. The Associated Press reports that the lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges that chemicals and finishes used in the uniforms are causing a variety of serious medical issues including migraines, breathing difficulties, hair loss and skin rashes. The lawsuit claims that …

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Find out who won big at the 2020 Golden Globes…

The WWI war drama 1917 was a big winner at the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, taking home the Best Drama as well as Best Director for Sam Mendes. Meanwhile, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood picked up three awards: Best Comedy, Best Original Screenplay and an acting award for star Brad Pitt. HBO cleaned up on the television side, with their …

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