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  • Week 15: Vikings @ Chargers December 15th 3:05pm

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Teen Makes Gourmet Pizzas for His Homeschool Business Class

Since September, a 14-year-old Minnesota teen has been making take-and-bake gourmet pizzas for his homeschool business class. City Pages reports that Ezra Kuznia’s mother, who put him up to the task, posted on the I love NE Minneapolis Facebook page to tell people about what her son was doing. He chooses flavor profiles on his own; his ideas come when, …

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Alaska Airlines Offers Free, 1-Day Priority Boarding to Fliers Who Wear Ugly-Christmas Sweaters

Finally! Someone is going to reward you for keeping all those ugly Christmas sweaters. UPI reports that Alaska Airlines has announced that it will be giving free, one-day priority boarding privileges to anyone who wears an ugly Christmas sweater on Friday, December 20. “We love going above and beyond to make your trip memorable; celebrating Ugly Sweater Day is just …

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The 20 Worst Films of 2019

As other websites celebrate the finest cinema of 2019, The A/V Club just published its list of the 20 worst films of the past year. Below are the top (bottom?) 10; click on the link for all 20: The Fanatic. As Moose, a stunted Walk-of-Fame busker who begins skulking around the Beverly Hills home of an ill-tempered B-list star, John Travolta …

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27 Trends From 2019 We’ll Probably Regret in a Few Years

You know how it feels to look back at pictures of the ’80s and ’90s and cringe at what you see? Well, BuzzFeed is asking readers to chime in on the “2019 trends that we’ll all look back on and cringe.” Here are the first 15 items (you can see them all by clicking this link.) Hydroflasks Crocs with socks …

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#AnnoyYourSignificantOther hashtag goes viral

‘Tis the season to annoy your significant other, at least according to the Twitter users who participated in a vigorous online debate Tuesday using the viral hashtag, “#AnnoyYourSignificantOther.” It’s all in good fun (we think) and here are 10 of the funnier responses (you can see all by clicking on this link): “I tell strangers that we’re cousins and when …

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9 of the Funniest “Florida Man” Headlines of 2019

As is true of any news outlet in the Sunshine State, The Tallahassee Democrat published some hilarious “Florida Man” stories in 2019. Below are nine of the most amusing; click on the link for many more (and links to the stories themselves): Young alligator beaten, given cigarette on video; Florida man arrested Florida man accused of giving beer to an alligator Florida …

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