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Nubz, a Chicken with Missing Toes, Relearns How to Walk Thanks to His Eclectic Shoe Collection [PICS]


These shoes were made for walkin’, and that’s just what Nubz will do.

In Jan., California resident Michelle Davignon went to pick up some new homes for her guinea pigs and walked away with a unique new companion.

“The lady I went to get the houses from was moving, and she found out that I owned chickens, and she asked me if I could take him (Nubz) because she couldn’t take him with her,” Davignon tells PEOPLE.

The animal lover agreed to add the chicken to her family and went to work welcoming the bird.

Upon his arrival at Davignon’s home, Nubz had already lost his toes due to a case. of scaly leg mites —microscopic insects that can live underneath the scales that cover a chicken’s feet. To help prevent the situation from worsening, Davignon used different sprays to care for the bird and his feet.

“I decided to put on the boots because I wanted to keep his little nubs clean,” Davignon says. Nubz’s first pair of shoes was a set of reindeer dog shoes the pet owner initially purchased for her Chihuahua. Little did she know, Nubz’s new accessories were also excellent mobility devices.

 “I didn’t think that they would be such a great way for him to get around, but it turns out he walks around so much better with the boots when he’s on, like, dirt or wood chips or anything that’s rough,” Nubz’s owner shares, telling PEOPLE the chicken now has around 30 pairs of shoes.

Nubz the Chicken  Nubz the ChickenNubz the Chicken