New Viking Speedway Show With Dan Kalina Starts June 20th on KIK-FM

Dan Kalina stopped by KIK-FM this morning to talk about the Florian Street Stock Special races this Saturday night at the Viking Speedway in Alexandria…and we got to thinking…

Let’s talk EVERY WEEK!  So…starting Thursday, June 20th at 9:15am on KIK-FM…we’ll be chatting with Dan Kalina from the Viking Speedway about upcoming races and what’s happening at the track.  Dan told me about all the new things they’re doing this year and the one thing that I think is really cool is that all kids 18 years old and younger get in FREE!!  That is awesome and talk about a fun family night out at a bargain!  We’re looking forward to talking about racing at the Viking Speedway here on KIK-FM…so be sure and tune in each Thursday morning at 9:15am and we’ll hammer down and turn left!

Click on the link below for the Viking Speedway’s complete schedule: