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Nearly 200 Line 3 Protestors Arrested in Park Rapids


Nearly 200 protesters were arrested yesterday in Park Rapids. The demonstrators who are opposed to the Line 3 pipeline, chained themselves to equipment, chased workers off of the work site, and also trespassed onto private property. 68 were cited with unlawful assembly and being a public nuisance. 179 were arrested and charged with gross misdemeanors.

43 Enbridge employees couldn’t leave the property due to demonstrators locking them behind the front gate. When the sheriff department showed up, the demonstrators then flooded onto the road creating driving hazards. Officers from 31 different law enforcement agencies assisted in removing the growing number of nearly 300 demonstrators from the work site…which suffered vandalism to construction equipment, breaking and entering of construction trailers and destruction to erosion protection barriers.

The damage included slashed tires, cut hoses, rocks and dirt in machine engines, forced entry into offices and destroyed electrical wiring in equipment.

Workers are now concerned for their safety.