NBA Star Drank Beer Every Day to Lose Weight Over the Summer

When Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond set out to lose some weight this past summer, he cut meat out of his diet, instead turning to fish, veggies and…beer. That’s right: The 6’10”, 279-pound Drummond, who’s never been “much of a beer drinker,” tells The Wall Street Journal that he drank a cold beer at lunch every day this summer to hit his targeted calorie count instead of turning to fattier foodstuffs. “Who doesn’t like having a beer as part of your diet?” says Drummond, who’s aiming to become the first player since Moses Malone in the 1970s to average 17 points and 17 rebounds per game. “The dominant centers back then drank beer, too,” The Journal notes. “It was not because drinking beer was recommended to them by their personal chefs. It was simply because they liked to drink beer.”