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National Coffee Day

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It’s National Coffee Day! That’s right, a day celebrating the caffeinated drink that originated when a bunch of goats pooped out beans and genius farmer’s exclaimed, “Let’s boil them and drink it!!” Roasted, ground, and add water to create magic starter fuel to help you get through your day, increase your tolerance for annoying people and keep you out trouble. Cheers! Here’s to espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, Frappuccino’s, cold press, Americanos, with or without the whipped cream or just straight black and in a mug! We love it all. Thank you coffee.

Here are 10 ways to celebrate with FREE COFFEE:

1.  Starbucks is giving out free coffee to anyone who shows up with a clean, reusable cup.  It just has to be 20 ounces or less.  You can also sign up online to get a free seven-ounce, sample-size bag of Starbucks coffee in the mail.  (The reusable cup deal is at “participating locations,” but that’s usually most of them.)

2.  Dunkin’ Perks members can get a free medium coffee with any purchase.

3.  7-Eleven is also giving rewards members a free coffee with any purchase, and you can choose any size you want.

4.  Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is giving out free coffee if you spend at least $2.

5.  Caribou Coffee Perks members who stop by today will get a chance to win free coffee for a YEAR.  They’ve got smaller prizes too.

6. Circle K is giving out free coffee coupons.  Just text the word “FREE” to “31310”.

7.  Krispy Kreme reward members can get a free coffee AND a free donut today.

8.  Panera is giving parents and caregivers UNLIMITED free coffee today.  Just let them know, and they won’t charge you.

9.  Tim Hortons has 99-cent coffee in any size if you order through their app.

10.  Wawa has been giving teachers free coffee all month.  But today they’re letting ALL customers get in on it.  Any size coffee is free.