Ag Week

National Agriculture Week is devoted to educating people about where food, fiber, and fuel come from.

Every year, producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies, and others join together to recognize the contributions of agriculture.

National Ag Day (March 22nd) falls during National Agriculture Week (March 20th – 26th 2022).

These farm facts are brought to you by A&C Farm Service!

Farm Facts

  • According to most recent U.S. Census Bureau statistics, 386,531 men are working as farmers and ranchers.
  • Additionally, 51,865 women are working as farmers and ranchers.
  • Today, a farmer grows twice as much food as his parents did – using less land, energy, water, and fewer emissions.
  • Today, the average U.S. farmer feeds 155 people. In 1960, a farmer fed just 26 people.
  • To keep up with population growth, more food will have to be produced in the next 50 years than the past 10,000 years combined.
  • U.S. farmers produce about 40 percent of the world’s corn, using only 20 percent of the total area harvested in the world.
  • According to the USDA, one acre of corn removes about 8 tons of carbon dioxide from the air in a growing season. At180 bushels per acre, corn produces enough oxygen to supply a year’s needs for 131 people.

“On National Agriculture Day, we recognize the unique and irreplaceable value that farmers, ranchers, foresters, farmworkers, and other agricultural stewards have contributed to our Nation’s past and present. America’s agriculture sector safeguards our Nation’s lands through sustainable management; ensures the health and safety of animals, plants, and people; provides a safe and abundant food supply; and facilitates opportunities for prosperity and economic development in rural America.”


National Ag Day; March 22.  A day set aside by the Agriculture Council of America to increase public awareness of agriculture’s role in society. The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) will host National Agriculture Day on March 22, 2022. This will mark the 49th anniversary of National Ag Day which is celebrated in classrooms and communities across the country. The theme for National Ag Day 2022 is “Growing a Climate for Tomorrow.