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Murder/Homicide in Detroit Lakes – Couple Had Planned It Out of Love

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Authorities in Becker County say the deaths of a couple have been ruled a murder-suicide. The two have now been identified as Steven Alton Stearns, 45, and Stacy Lynn Stearns, 49, husband and wife, of Detroit Lakes.  Law enforcement says the cause of death of Stacy Stearns has been ruled as a homicide, and the cause of death of Steven Stearns has been ruled a suicide.

baby goliath
Baby & Goliath

According to the report, the couple along with their two dogs were found dead at a residence in Lakeview Township on Tuesday.

The couple had posted on Facebook on their joint account that they were sorry for any pain they have caused. A friend of the couple, Tammy Lawrence, was thanked by friends for doing an interview explaining how much the couple loved one another, and trusted her with their plans despite the burden of holding this immense secret. “It helps everyone to understand the love Steve and Stacy had for each other.” She said that after the husband and wife were both diagnosed with cancer, they made a pact to end their lives. One dog, Goliath, was also diagnosed with illness as well. The couple had just celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary.