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MN GOP Chairwoman Resigns

Jennifer Carnahan
FB: Jennifer Carnahan pictured with husband.

Minnesota GOP Chairwoman, Jennifer Carnahan, has resigned.The vote comes a week after former GOP donor and activist Anton “Tony” Lazzaro, a friend of Carnahan’s, was indicted on federal sex trafficking charges. A group called for her resignation, saying that she turned a blind eye to these accusations. A vote last night, 8-7 called for her removal and granted her a three month severance package. Carnahan herself was the tie breaking vote. Carnahan wrote in a press release, “Our party has faced difficult circumstances this past week with the indictment of one of our party’s major donors for the heinous acts of sex trafficking and obstruction of justice. I want to be very clear in unequivocally stating I had no knowledge or involvement in those activities.

“However, I signed up for this party to help us elect Republicans and I want to ensure we can continue to do that. At this point, it is in the best interest of the party and my mental health to resign from my position as Chairwoman.”