Minnesota Man Lost at Sea


Local families hang on to a grim hope for their loved one who didn’t come home from kayaking on Saturday in Mexico. Dave Schink, age 61 of Champlin, is now presumed dead. His wife, Judy stated that she is grateful for all for the search and rescue teams, prayers and support during this heartbreaking time. The Coast Guard was only able to recover his kayak and half a paddle in the rough water conditions.

Judy issued the following statement on Facebook on February 16th:

“It is with overwhelming sorrow that we announce that my beloved husband, Dave, has been lost at sea and is presumed dead. On Saturday he went out kayaking in the waters near Destin, Florida and never returned. An immense search by helicopters, planes, Coast Guard Rescue boats and drones have failed to locate him. On Sunday, his kayak was found overturned with only a half of a paddle. They intensified the search, but were unable to locate Dave. As the waters have been rough and cold, we have been told that survival is highly doubtful. The threat of hyperthermia is a true enemy of anyone in the water for this length of time.
The Schink family wishes to thank all those involved in the search for their skills and efforts. We would also like to thank all of those who have been praying for their wonderful support. May God watch over you all!”