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Milwaukee Pub Plans to Pay Bar Tabs When Aaron Rodgers Loses

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Looks like the love affair between Wisconsin is over with Aaron Rodgers. Jack’s American Pub, one of many bars in Milwaukee, is looking to stand out from the crowd by offering to pay the bar tabs of patrons every time Aaron Rodgers and the Jets lose a game.

The caveats on the special are that you have to start your bar tab at least 15 minutes prior to kickoff, the offer does not include food and Rodgers must start the game in order for the promotion to be valid.

Additionally, a Jets contest can’t overlap with a Packers game.

Rodgers, of course, was the longtime quarterback of the Packers, backing up Brett Favre for three years from 2006-08 before landing the starting job in 2009.

Rodgers won a Super Bowl and four MVPs with the Packers, creating countless memories, before seeking a trade to the Jets this offseason.

While much of the Packers’ fan base may have been ready for Rodgers to pass the torch to fourth-year quarterback Jordan Love, there is no lingering ill will from many cheeseheads toward Rodgers going forward.