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Millennials Tweeting Things Boomers LOVE to Say…Boomers Clap Back

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Millennials on Twitter have been talking about things that Boomers LOVE saying . . . and, well, they aren’t wrong.  Here are the highlights:


1.  “I’m videoing this.”


2.  “Just nuke it” . . . when something could be warmed up in a microwave.


3.  “Phone tag.”


4.  “Sit here, I won’t bite.”


5.  “That’s the million-dollar question.”


6.  Calling it “the Covid.”


7.  Calling it “pot” . . . instead of weed.


8.  “Let’s see if this works” . . . when handing over a credit card.


9.  “So what’s the damage?” . . . after being given their bill at a restaurant.


10.  “Well, I guess it’s free” . . . when an item they want to buy isn’t ringing up.


11.  “In all my years.”


12.  Pronouncing all the L’s in the word “tortilla.”


13.  Referring to the “landline.”


14. “You look good” when they haven’t seen someone in a while.


15. Using “eff this” and “frick” when they’re really mad.


Boomers clap back at Mellenials:

1. Millennials love saying “black like my soul” girl go raise your kids they are drooling on their ipads again :/


2. Millennials love saying “I was today years old when I learned this”.


3. Millennials love saying “wait” before every realization.


4. Millennials love saying how people “win” things. Like “win the internet” “win Twitter”.


5. Millennials love to say “you must be fun at parties”.


6. Millennials love to say “mood” about anything and everything.


7. They’re “touching base” or “following up”.


8. Saying “And go!” when they ask for recommendations on literally anything.


9. “Adulting” when doing any task that is considered mature— like dishes, and paying bills.


10. “doggo” and “pupper” describing their pets. #furbabies