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Michael Ray keeps memories alive in a “Picture,” dropping a poignant new track

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Michael Ray’s just-released new ballad, “Picture,” is a touching tribute to family ties that remain as strong as ever, even if that family is no longer physically together.

Written by the singer alongside David Garcia and fellow country star Hardy, “Picture” honors the time Michael spent with his family at home in Florida during the pandemic, as well as an uncle he lost last summer.

“This past year I was able to go home and reconnect with what made me want to move to Nashville, what made me fall in love with music, the people who made me who I am, the people who believed in me from day one,” he says. 

“I think it helped me re-find myself and re-discover the kind of music I want to make. That’s where a song like ‘Picture’ comes from,” Michael goes on. “After my Uncle Terry passed last June, I wanted to write an autobiographical song about my family and the memories we all have to look back on — but it’s not a sad song. It’s a song of celebration.”

Following Michael’s latest single, “Whiskey and Rain,” his new song is another piece of an upcoming, as-yet-unannounced album. Along with the song, Michael dropped a music video, which further drives home “Picture”’s message of cherishing loved ones while they’re still around.

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